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Viral Site Design Offers- DIY WordPress Sites w/Hosting – No Monthly Bills – Discounted for Social Justice, Political or Social Awareness Sites. Fundraisers an Bloggers welcome.

Get Domain Name – Hosting – WordPress Design Platform for $99 Per Year.

No monthly bills – No “setup” fees – Everything you need to build your website today.

Have you ever wanted to write a blog? Ever considered your own space on the web? YourName dot com? WordPress blogs are easy to run and can get your message out. Blogs can be for profit or informational. You can use them to launch products or discuss your favorite hobby or business. Discounted for Social Justice, Political or Social Awareness Sites.

WordPress is a powerful website builder that can be used to build almost any kind of website imaginable. It is used for corporate sites, building an online store / eCommerce site, online magazines, and so much more. It is used by governments, universities, and many Fortune 500 companies.

DOMAIN: Your Name .com, .net, .org, etc. (This offer includes a name you choose, based on availability.)

HOSTING: Hosting is the actual real estate in which a website is built. A domain name is just that, a name. It needs to point to a physical space on the web known as hosting. Hosting accounts come with various features. This offer comes with unlimited traffic and unlimited storage for your site.

Included in this sale for: $99
Domain Name: (yourname .com)
Hosting: 1 year paid hosting
WordPress: Newest version – Full access
MySQL Database: Included
Traffic: Unlimited
Disk Space: Unlimited
Support: Viral Site Design

If you have any questions, please ask. After payment, the domain name selection and account setup can be completed within 2 hours of contact. Site goes live instantly if desired.

Calls Only – Free Consultation


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